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At Oxford Partners International, we believe in acting as an ongoing partner to our clients. This means offering a complete recruitment solution – the first step of which is delivering your ideal candidate. Ensuring that candidate has a smooth transition into your organization is another vital element in the recruitment process – one that can save you from stress, down time and other human resource issues. Finally, assessment of your existing executive team can help to surface performance gaps and remedy them before they affect mission critical operations. Oxford offers these three services individually or in any combination – as and when you need them.
  Executive Recruitment  
  Interim Executive Placement  
  Executive Integration  
  Executive Assessment  
  Executive Recruitment  
In providing you with your organization’s leadership, our responsibility must go far beyond simply gathering candidates to fill the space. To ensure we’re digging deep into the suitability of every candidate we bring forward, Oxford utilizes competency-based behavioral interviewing. This means that instead of relying solely on education and experience, we assess competencies such as leadership ability, organizational awareness, communication, strategic and innovative thinking, and teamwork - all to help predict how an applicant is likely to actually handle the role.
We are also known for our ability to “think outside of the job description” in that we take time to understand your strategic intentions and then think laterally in selecting candidates for that role. As a result, we often solve problems that our clients didn’t even realize they had – ultimately providing their organizations with the leadership edge they’ve been seeking.
  Interim Executive Placement  
When a member of your executive team departs, there’s often an opportunity or need to reassess your leadership strategy before making a new hire. This requires time and planning – but your organization needs to continue functioning at full throttle in the process.
Oxford has network of senior level consultants who can help to steady your organization while you decide next steps for the most effective outcome. This allows you to not only be less reactive and more strategic in your next hire, but there’s also the potential to assess the interim hire for their suitability as a permanent placement.
  Executive Integration   
As we have all experienced, the integration of a new senior executive can be ponderous and stressful for both the hire and the workforce. And with the enormous cost of downtime, no organization can afford to simply sit back and wait for the new leader to find their feet. Add to that the need to quickly assess performance and suitability and you have a potential pressure cooker for all involved.
Having recognized smooth integration as a crucial element for success, Oxford offers an Executive Integration program to help speed up the process while ensuring candidates get off to a good start. For our clients and candidates who have gone through the program, the feedback has been tremendous, with all agreeing the integration time was greatly shortened and with successful results.
Facilitated by Oxford, the Executive Integration program requires active commitment from all members of your Management team but will be well worth the resulting minimized risk of an unsuccessful hire.
  Executive Assessment  
Are you current leaders capable of taking you to the next level? This is a question you should be asking in the event of a merger or acquisition, growth period, change in strategic direction or market positioning, or when bringing a new product or service to market. The Executive Assessment process is invaluable in keeping your organization fresh, cutting-edge and strategically aligned with your corporate goals. And there’s no one better equipped to do this than recruiters who are assessing human capital every day.
Oxford can objectively and effectively assess your executive team, benchmarking them against current market talent. First we’ll understand where you’re going – your goals, concerns, opportunities and challenges. Then we’ll ask of your current team: “Considering your goals and roles, would we hire these people for you?” And we’ll provide an in-depth report on our findings and help you determine next steps – whatever they may be.
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