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Oxford Partners International Inc. is a unique retained executive search firm dedicated to enhancing your company’s leadership and success through the discovery and placement of superior senior-level executives. Using competency-based behavioral interviewing, we pride ourselves on the insight and foresight required to surface both expected and unexpected candidates – offering you a more diverse group of contenders to more strategically fulfill your leadership needs.
  Our services include: Executive Recruitment, Interim Executive Placement, Executive Assessment and Executive Integration.  
What also makes Oxford different is our recognition of the flaw in traditional recruiting models, which caters more to the recruiters’ need than the clients’. As a result, we’ve developed a unique model that delivers ideal candidates faster, and at a lower cost. With these key differentiators, we prove we’re focused on your needs from the word “go”.
1. An Executive Search Deserves An Executive Recruiter:
The typical search firm model has partners primarily securing new clients and assignments while researchers contact and screen prospective candidates. This results in a lack of true expert representation with candidates. At Oxford, our senior partner personally manages all phases of the search. When necessary, experienced senior search consultants are also brought in for their very specific industry expertise or to scale up on a search to ensure timely delivery.
2. Competency is the Key:
A resumé is not an indicator of a candidate’s suitability. Only through comprehensive competency-based behavioral interviewing can an assessment be made as to what a candidate is or isn’t capable of bringing to your organization. We never take shortcuts in this process, because we’ve learned that many diamonds are surfaced this way – and diamonds are what we continually aspire to deliver.
3. Fewer Searches Means More Focus:
To ensure that our promise of complete partner involvement and expert management for each search is fulfilled, Oxford never takes on an excess of four active searches at a time. To do more would mean compromising the attention and focus our clients and candidates deserve.
4. No Conflicts, No Compromises:
With their massive overheads, many executive search firms are forced to take on multiple and competing searches within the same sector. This inevitably causes conflict of interest and “off-limits” issues – often compromising the client’s access to the best candidate. Unwilling to compromise our client’s best interest, we at Oxford only take on a search if there are no client conflicts, thus eradicating any risk of competition or compromise.
5. Results, Not Retainers:
At Oxford, we consider regular monthly retainers to be unfair to our clients and we propose a unique alternative. We only get paid upon attaining relevant milestones; the first third upon commencement, the second when candidates are presented, and the final third when a finalist is identified. It’s that simple, and proof of our confidence and commitment.
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